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BridgeWay Station is the first new town center development
in the Upstate of South Carolina. With nothing else like it, BridgeWay will attract residents and visitors from all corners of the city, state, region, and beyond. Click here to see a list of who's open and who's coming!

Photo Mar 18 2024, 4 13 47 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 18 2024, 4 13 47 PM.jpg


Beyond a diverse tenant mix, and through public/private partnerships, the development will offer unique placemaking architectural elements, create thousands of new jobs , serve as a catalyst for economic empowerment, boast new entrepreneurs, and create a highly desirable civic destination.

With nothing else like it, Hughes Investments, Inc. and the City of Mauldin hope that BridgeWay will enrich the lives of its residents as well as visitors from all corners of the city, state, region, and beyond. 


BridgeWay will create an immersive and integrated town center anchored by beautiful architecture that bridges tradition and technology. BridgeWay will capitalize on local developer insight combined with international inspiration to create a place to come and enjoy with many choices to eat, shop, work, live, play, or just relax.

Rendering of the first phase of BridgeWay looking at Block C

The Bridge

Outside the front door of BridgeWay is Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 22 mile multi-use trail along a former railroad. Without any other retail options directly along the trail, BridgeWay will be the stopping ground for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts venturing along the Trail. This recreation trail will be tied to BridgeWay Station with a pedestrian bridge connection over Interstate 385, allowing the more than 500,000 people who use the trail annually direct access to BridgeWay’s shops and restaurants.

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